Bank of Melbourne

Bank of Melbourne

Super Local: We are Bank of Melbourne. We’re from here, we live here. We have an affinity with our customers that comes from a shared parochial pride in Melbourne and Victoria, and a common goal to see our people, businesses and neighbourhood prosper. We’re personally connected and involved, making a significant and proud contribution to their financial and social prosperity. We’re truly local and accessible, just down the road. We understand the tribal nature of Melbourne and are sensitive to the rhythm of each neighbourhood. Our people know the area well and shape services and advise accordingly.

Personal Recognition: We’re a bank that recognises the value of our customers. We know who they are, often by name. There’s a clear acknowledgment that we value them for their membership of the bank and that we’re here for them. We’ve created environments that encourage easy conversations so we can get a better understanding of each customer’s needs. We also recognise that sometimes they just want to make a transaction. Our system and services are seamless because we recognise that customers don’t see themselves as a series of products. We recognise and reward their loyalty and celebrate their achievements.

Trusted Adviser: We’re the people our customers trust to provide them with the most relevant and beneficial personal or business advice. Our knowledgeable staff focus on individual needs, taking great care to shape valuable and appropriate solutions. If circumstances change or we find a better solution, we’ll be proactive in sharing advice and adapting a solution to better suit the customer. Our focus on the customers comes from a shared focus on achievement because we know that being socially aware and fiscally prudent is the responsible thing to do.

Local Decisions: We live here. We do business here. We make decisions here. We’re empowered to think and act for ourselves, which brings extraordinary value to our customers. We’re accountable for our decisions. Our customers enjoy talking to decision makers because they know we’re the ones that will be responsive and take action quickly. We’re genuine and transparent and will explain if the product or service isn’t right for our customers. We make appropriate decisions in the best interests of our customers.

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