G&C Mutual Bank

G&C Mutual Bank

G&C Mutual Bank is a Bank with a difference. The difference is that G&C Mutual Bank is owned by our members and everything we do is for the benefit of our members, our owners.

Everyone of our members is an owner with a voice and a say in our future. We make responsible, ethical decisions and then reinvest our profits to provide better products and services for our members.We offer a full suite of personal financial services and award winning products including savings, term deposits, loan and insurance options – all of which are designed to make life a little easier for you and your family.

We offer trusted, personalised service and our staff work hard to meet every members individual financial needs and help them choose the right products to meet their future goals.We strive to make banking easy for our members and offer a range of ways to access us, from workplace visits to home visits, phone enquiries to email enquiries, or face-to-face service through our branches.

We have been in operation since 1959 and are proud to be providing financial services to the community. Currently we have over 36,000 members who enjoy the G&C Mutual Bank experience. To experience a more rewarding banking experience, simply call us on 1300 364 400 or contact us via our website.

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