My Wholesale Rate

My Wholesale Rate

My Wholesale Rate helps you cut out the big bank, save on fees and get a better deal. No ongoing fees, unlimited repayments, fast and easy to apply, all with local support from Australia.

What is a mortgage manager?

A mortgage manager is different to a bank. Banks provide loans, have savings accounts and also issue credit cards.

Mortgage managers simply manage your loan. So why would you use a mortgage manager over a bank? Generally we have different lending niche’s eg more flexibility and could potentially be able to lend you more than a bank does based on your income or your employment type. With less overheads, there is a greater ability to provide you more competitive rates and more nimble service.

How do we source our funds?

Like every other funder, via securitised bonds. This is how all banks get their money, either via the reserve bank or private equity firms. These bond issuer’s provide the money to approved funders whom then give the money out to distributors such as MyWholesalerate.

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